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Food Conveyor Belts

2-ply 2mm thick PVC white
FDA approved belt....

Tea Leaf Conveyor Belts

2-ply 2.8mm PVC green
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Pharmaceutical Conveyor Belts

2-ply 2mm thick PVC blue
Plain PVC top (matt)....

Packaging Conveyor Belts

2-ply 2mm thick PVC green
Plain PVC top (Matt)....

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Conveyor Belt

Running Belt,Jogging Belt,Structural Belt,Belt Repair,Food Grade Belt at best price.

The ample benefits of the rubber (PU/PVC) conveyor belt over metal have influenced a huge number of industries towards the rubber belt and we are India’s prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the rubber conveyor belt that promises to execute unfailingly and outlast for decades.

ISO & FDA Approved Quality Range Popular for its Lowest Price & Highest Reliability Outcome of 20+ Years of Experience On Time Delivery Guaranteed, Worldwide

Shetty Enterprise has set distinctive position in the market through its exclusive range of the rubber conveyor belts, made from the top grade PU or PVC material & fabric carcass, has made us recognized as a rubber conveyor belt manufacturer, supplier and exporter worldwide. Simple construction, high efficiency and minimal frictional loss aspects of our range of rubber conveyor belt can reduce your power consumption to the considerable level and can make your conveying task totally affordable. Whether it is horizontal conveying, inclined conveying or perpendicular conveying needs, Shetty Enterprise holds a 20+ year of experience in developing a wide range of the rubber conveyor belts that can fulfill all your needs. This range of the PVC/PU conveyor belts is manufactured by means of the vulcanization technology, helping convey the notable strength essential for impeccably convey light, medium or heavy loads without failing, making it the reliable approach in the thousands of industries to convey different types of loads.

The corrosion resilient, fat resilient, water resilient, high temperature resilient, fire retardant, anti microbial property, abrasion resilient nature of the PVC/PU material used in the construction makes our range completely appropriate for any type of industry, be it food, teal leaf, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile, marble polishing, cutting, wooden ply, treadmill, detergent, wood conveyor, tyre, metal, marble polishing, cooling tunnel, fruit sorting, roofing tiles, saw tooth, airport baggage, meat, newspaper, collar fusion, dough sheeting, vitrified tiles, automobile spare parts, bakery, vegetable, meat, cheese processing, butter processing. This range of conveyor belt is available in endless or with the fastener, side walls, corrugated side walls or cleats, wherein the size of the extra accessories is available in any dimensions as per end user requirement. The fusing of the different parts is also available at your location, if your machine is better with the vulcanization technology.

Abrasion Resistance:

The PU/PVC material employed in the construction shares excellent resistance against abrasion and hence can outperform even in abrasive applications like, trap rock, ore, vitrified tiles, crushed stone, and all other objects having heavy loads and high friction.

Cut and Gouge Resistance:

The PVC/PU material is excellent against cuts and gouge and therefore it suitable to convey all sharp edge substrates and heavy impacts without failing and thusly ensures longer life expectancy.

rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in india
Heat Resistance:

The high temperature withstand capability of PVC/PU makes it suitable for higher temperature applications too, and thereby can be used in cement, asphalt and mining, bakery and other industries.

Oil Resistance:

The material has easy leaving property and hence resists the any type of fat or oil with an ease, making it appropriate for bakery, recycling, confectionery, wood, pulp, cheese processing, butter processing and paper industries.

Flame Resistance:

The PU/PVC material has excellent fire retardant quality and that makes excellent against fire, and thereby is extensively being used in the power plant and all types of mining applications.

conveyor belt manufacturers in mumbai
Anti Bacterial:

The PVC/PU material shares non porous surface and hence prevents an accumulation of the bacteria which causing deterioration of the food and thereby is entitled convey food products.

Tear Resistance:

The material of construction is truly robust and thereby it shares notably higher resistance against tear and rip, making it ideal for all types of crushing and recycling application. 

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Food Conveyor Belts (General)

Food Conveyor Belt
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Tea Leaf Conveyor Belts


Tea Leaf Conveyor Belts

Pharma Conveyor Belts

Pharma Conveyor Belts
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Treadmill Belts
Treadmill Belts
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Conveyor Belt With Guide
Conveyor Belt With Guide
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Bakery Conveyor Belts
Bakery Conveyor Belts
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Fruits / Vegetables / Meat Conveyor Belts
Fruits / Vegetables / Meat Conveyor Belts
Customized Conveyor Belt

Every industry has different conveyor automation system and thereby requires specific shape and size to best fit with thereof, with respect to the ever evolving requirement of the different industries and leveraging the years long experience in the allied segment, Shetty Enterprise is herewith personalized service, wherein we design and develop PVC/PU conveyor belt that is manufactured considering outlined specifications by end user or our team visits your place and evaluate size for your conveyor automation system and accordingly can manufacture a bespoke range for your application need. Our custom made range is well liked in the industries for its perfect measurement and easy fit aspects, which you also can avail by contacting us today.

24/7 Customer Service
We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service to fulfill customers’ requirement to the farthest. We provide telephonic as well as on-site customer service as per the end user requisite for product queries, details, maintenance, repairing, inspection or anything that is associated with our firm or product.
Free Consultation
The experience is the mainstay of Shetty Enterprise, helping to counsel best in class solution for the end user need. So if you have any confusion regarding conveyor belt, feel free to call us or visit us, we promise you to provide the best solution for your conveying needs.
Lowest Price Guaranteed
We adopt the latest technology and quality controlled manufacturing in order to obtain the highest quality range of the conveyor belt at low power consumption and low wastage that helps us to propose our range at the most competitive price in the market
  • The conveyor belts made from the PU/PVC material are capable to carry any type of material, from very fine particulate to large lump size without failing.
  • This conveyor belt can convey the material with the zero spillage and hence prevents the material loss during the transportation.
  • The high strength of our rubber conveyor belt makes it qualified for the heavy duty conveying application, our belt can be used to load / unload up to 10000 tons per hours.
  • The rubber conveyor belt is suitable for almost any type of conveying application, be it horizontal, inclined or perpendicular. We can design and develop a rubber belt as per the type of conveying you require.
  • The high impact strength of our rubber conveyor belt is suitable to large piles or retrieves bulk material, for an instance coal, ore, wood chips, vitrified tiles, etc.
  • The rubber conveyor belt requires less power over metal or any other type of conveyor belt.
  • As the rubber conveyor belt conveys bulk material without failing, it has established as the reliable approach in the industries for the bulk material transportation.
Why Select Shetty Enterprises For Rubber Conveyor Belts:
  • We hold 20+ years of experience in the allied domain
  • We use of top grade PVC/PU material in the construction
  • We follow international quality regulations throughout manufacturing  
  • Our design and manufacturing is ISO compliant
  • Our complete range is ISO & FDA accredited
  • We provide wide colour options (white, blue, green, Black)
  • We can provide the entire range of conveyor belt in any width and length
  • We use heat vulcanized technology that ensures an excellent bond that outlast forever, even under the harshest conditions
  • We can provide custom made PVC/PU conveyor belt is available as per need
  • We can provide cleats, sidewall, corrugated walls, fastener with conveyor belt as per your need
  • We provide installation of the conveyor belt at your doorstep
  • We provide after sale maintenance service
  • We provide 24x7 support service for your convenience
  • Our range of conveyor belt is available all across 120 countries, including Asia, East Europe, GCC, Kenya, Indonesia, Netherland, Australia, Middle East, Africa, New Zealand, Germany, etc.
Increase the efficiency of your business, by investing in our high quality and reliable range of the Rubber Conveyor Belt at the best prices.  
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